During the past 12 years PpTek has worked with leading Universities in the UK, including Imperial College London, to develop the regenerative media that is used in all their siloxane removal systems (SRS). This media is exclusive to PpTek and is non toxic, ozone friendly and Bio-degradable.

The final SRS have important key differences over existing products currently found in the filtration market, particularly activated carbon and graphite. The media used in our SRS is not a general purpose filtration carbon based material and therefore has non of the traditional drawbacks of that material.

Particular downsides of carbon and graphite is their ability to absorb water, difficult and expensive to regenerate, expensive to dispose of, when saturated, and has a low percentage absorbency by mass.

By contrast the PpTek media repels water, can be regenerated on site with no disposal costs and absorbs 10x the amount of contamination of carbon or graphite.

The result is a SRS that lasts up to 5 years, before media replacement, can operate without drying the BioGas via a chiller, has no media disposal costs when finally renewed and has a small footprint. As the SRS unit is skid mounted it can be easily moved to alternative sites if required and takes a minimum of maintenance as there are very few moving parts on the unit.

PpTek can also "tune" the media mix to remove other VOC's found in BioGas such as chlorinated compounds, in addition to the targeted Siloxanes.

After extensive development the stainless steel constructed the SRS unit is now available for various gas flows of 50 m3/hr up to 4200 m3/hr in one single unit. Gas flows greater than this can be accommodated by utilising SRS's in parallel.