Vent Air Burner

The Vent Air Burner (VAB) has been developed specifically, in conjunction with a flare manufacturer, to be used with the BGAK range of automatic siloxane filters. Although in many applications the condensate stack, used to condense the Siloxanes and VOC's out of the regeneration air, is the correct solution, there are sites that may be in sensitive locations or be unable to utilise the necessary length of condensing pipework that feeds the stack.

Additionally some sites that require more than one regeneration per 24 hours, may beunable to utilise the cooling effects of the night ambient air to aid condensation of VOC's and thus require an additional method of removing contaminants from the regeneration air.

Product features

  • Small footprint
  • Fully enclosed compliant flare
  • Eliminates Odours/ and Decomposes VOCs
  • High temp operation (~ 1000 °C)
  • Utilises BioGas to fire Main burner / pilot
  • Low ongoing running costs
  • Fully integrated into PpTek control system
  • Totally automatic control
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Known BAT for compliance and EA approval
  • Can be sited close to filter system
  • Easily erected with sectional construction

The VAB is a fully integrated option for any of the PpTek BGAK filter range. Manufactured in 5 sections and standing 6m high it is made from hot dipped galvanised mild steel (base section) and stainless steel (above burners). Being totally enclosed and insulated it is fully compliant with current regulations, with low fuel consumption staying below the site monitoring limits.

The VAB is fed regeneration air directly from the filter and requires a small main BioGas boosted site supply. The pilot light is auto lit from the PpTek filter system with the main burners being regulated to ~ 1000 °C via an industry standard modulating controller. Start up and shut down are controlled via the PpTek unit with temperature, flow and flame lit sensors providing safety controls.