Biogas Dehumidification System

Biogas Dehumidification – Key Components

Biogas is usually saturated with water vapour and contains contaminants that need to be removed or reduced including hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, chlorides, fluorides, siloxanes and aromatic compounds. Most of these elements are water-soluble; so by achieving efficient dehumidification it is possible to significantly reduce the water vapour content in the biogas and partially or completely remove some of these impurities.

Parker’s solution is to dry the gas, firstly by cooling to around 5°C using a water-cooled heat exchanger working with a water chiller and secondly, by removing the condensed water with a cyclonic water separator.

The water-chiller Hyperchill BioEnergy, stainless Steel heat exchanger Hypercool BioEnergy and centrifugal separator Hypersep BioEnergy are the key components of the biogas treatment system: they have been specifically designed for biogas applications and provide safe and reliable operation in the harsh environments typically found at Anaerobic Digester and Landfill biogas production sites.

hyperchill bioenergy image

Hyperchill BioEnergy

  • Chiller Output 5 – 360 kW
  • Special coating for corrosive environment
  • Pump and tank installed inside casing
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Ambient range -20 °C to +45 °C
  • (only ICEP +48 °C)
  • Compliant scroll refrigerant compressor
  • IP54 protection as standard

wfb aftercooler image

WFB aftercooler series

  • Hypercool BioEnergy
  • Flow rates and performances
  • aligned with CHP power range
  • Suitable for horizontal & vertical
  • installations
  • Max. working pressure: 0,5 bar

CSB separator image

CSB separator series Hypersep BioEnergy

  • Material: Parts in contact with biogas in AISI304 or
  • AISI316L, parts not in contact with biogas in AISI304
  • Suitable for installations with horizontal & vertical WFB
  • Max. working pressure: 0,5 barg

Biogas Dehumidification – Skid-Mounted Packages

Compact, robust and easy to handle, the Parker skid solution is a plug & play biogas dehumidification package specifically designed for outdoor installations and reliable performance in harsh operating conditions.

The dehumidification skid has energy efficiency at the forefront of its design. The in-built flexibility to use a wide range of cooler/chiller combinations ensures the closest match to customer requirements thus delivering constant dewpoint performance regardless of fluctuations in operating conditions.

skidmount package image

Skid-Mounted Packages

Available in a range of sizes from 50 Nm3/h to 1500 Nm3/h:

  • Hyperfilter BioEnergy
  • Hypercooler and Hypersep BioEnergy
  • Hyperchill BioEnergy
  • Water connections
  • Expansion tank
  • Counterflanges kit
  • Galvanized steel frame

Energy Saving Feature

For applications where the dehumidification system is located downstream of the blower a specially designed Gas-to-Gas Heat Exchanger can be supplied to reduce the inlet gas temperature and re-heat the gas after the cooling process thus reducing the final relative humidity of the biogas and avoiding the possibility of any further condensation in the pipework. Energy savings are achieved by reducing the cooling load of the chiller and by eliminating the requirement for an additional energy source to reheat the biogas.

energysaver feature image