Biogas Filtration

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Biogas Filtration

Biogas produced in anaerobic digesters and landfi lls contains foams, small solid particles in suspension, greases, particulates and other contaminants which must be removed from the gas by fi ltration prior to any downstream equipment or pipework. Failure to remove these impurities may lead to a malfunction of devices and processes downstream.

The stainless steel Hyperfilter BioEnergy FFB has been specifically designed to prevent these undesired effects, available in a range of sizes matched to the needs of biogas applications:

FFB filter series Hyperfilter BioEnergy

  • Particle removal size 5 μm or 20 μm
  • Filtration Efficiency 99,999%
  • Differential pressure 2 mbar (dry)
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The secret of Hyperfilter BioEnergy is its highly advanced filter element. This combines ultrahigh particle retention efficiency with extremely low pressure drop which results in clean, ready to use biogas with service costs kept to a minimum.

Raw Biogas Treatment

Biogas, originating from biomass, sewage plants and landfill sites is gaining increasing worldwide importance as a recognised renewable energy source. Biogas production can and will contribute in a significant way to future energy supplies replacing more and more existing fossil-fuel sources such as coal, oil and natural gas.

Generally, biogas is saturated with water vapor and contains other impurities which, when used as fuel, must be removed to prevent corrosion and damage to equipment and systems and improve cogeneration unit efficiency.

The selection of effective biogas treatment equipment is therefore particularly important, both in optimising the cogeneration of electrical and thermal energy, making the most of the available renewable energy, and reducing energy consumption and operating costs to a minimum.

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