PpTek currently has approximately 100 installations world wide in countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Thailand, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain USA in addition to the UK.

Twenty Five per cent of the installations are to replace Activated Carbon units that have become too expensive for customers to renew.

Additionally several installations have been made to protect, not only CHP engines but also, Active Catalytic Converters in areas with very strict exhaust emissions. These are extremely sensitive to being "blinded" by the silicon dioxide built up on their expensive precious metal catalysts.

A selections of the reference sites are shown.

Auchencarroch landfill site, UK

siloxane filter from PpTek at Auchencarroch

After a successful installation of a PpTek siloxane filter at their Skellbrooke Landfill site, CLP Envirogas recently installed a second siloxane filter system to protect Engines at their Auchencarroch Landfill site in Scotland.

The installation is capable of cleaning the gas flow of up to 3500 m3/hr and replaced an Activated Carbon filter previously used on site.

The fitment of the PpTek siloxane filter not only gives increased protection over the Activated Carbon (AC) system but significantly reduces the ongoing operational costs of protection for CLPE.