PpTek currently has approximately 100 installations world wide in countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Thailand, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain USA in addition to the UK.

Twenty Five per cent of the installations are to replace Activated Carbon units that have become too expensive for customers to renew.

Additionally several installations have been made to protect, not only CHP engines but also, Active Catalytic Converters in areas with very strict exhaust emissions. These are extremely sensitive to being "blinded" by the silicon dioxide built up on their expensive precious metal catalysts.

A selections of the reference sites are shown.

Avondale landfill site, Scotland, UK

siloxane filters at Avondale

Fitment of two new power generation engines on site has prompted Avondale Landfill to employ gas conditioning. They have chosen to fit two PpTek siloxane filters used in parallel to ensure that the engines are fully protected against siloxanes and other VOC contamination. Plans have also been made to retrofit another siloxane filter to protect the existing CHP's in the future.